Video is all about creating an emotional connection and response.  Whether you’re selling trucks, defending accident victims, or fund-raising for your nonprofit,
you must motivate your audience to act.  



We understand the leap of faith you’re making by placing your business goals in the hands of creative and strategic partner.  In our minds, every project is a relationship.  The key to any successful relationship is collaboration.  We call, we meet, we respond.  Understanding where you want to be and what you need to accomplish is critical to the creative process.  Our size and versatility allow us to move quickly and efficiently to insure your needs are met in creative, deadline, and budget.


Michael Sherman
President | Design Director


John Heiple
Executive Producer


Janell Hearns

Bailey Schaub
Editor | Designer

Matthew Winne
Cinematographer | Editor


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1117 Griswold St., Suite 1212, Detroit MI, 48226