How many lawyer spots do you see that start off “Injured?  Call me now.”  While that message remains critical, how that message is delivered is just as important.  Velocity Cow helps our law clients emerge from the competitive clutter, establish their brand, and, of course, increase the intake.  


Whether it’s to recruit new students and their families or to reaffirm to current ones that they’re making the best choice for their future, schools need to tell their success stories.  Velocity Cow will take those stories and bring them to life, encouraging enrollment and increasing support throughout the district and the community.


The inspiring work of non-profits is a story that’s, sadly, seldom told.  The challenge to breakthrough and educate the public of their efforts is a constant struggle.  Velocity Cow supports our art, cultural, environmental and health clients by creating strong, emotional connections, thru video, that energize an audience while sharing the organization’s vision.  


As a longtime partner of WDIV-Local 4, NBC’s Detroit affiliate, Velocity Cow has worked with hundreds of clients to create impactful ad campaigns that generate sales and create tremendous brand awareness.  Since 2008, we’ve produced more than 3000 commercials for the station clients ranging from automotive to home improvement, medical, and more.  If you live in Michigan, you’ve seen our work.